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Welcome to Format 3. Everyday Top 40 versions or the Original Classics have no place here!

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 If you are looking for something a bit different to the regular versions you are in the right place!
The Rules to qualify for airplay on Format 3
A track must have been a well known hit from approximately the 1950's to now.
There's no limit to the genres you will hear. Everything is fair game!
The Remixed version will be spun here. We like Mashups and they will get a spin too!
If we can't find a Remix we will spin a version not released to Australian Audiences.
We are very anti boomcha here - we don't like long DJ sets - this is not a dance or DJ set format!
Remixes that go over 6:30 in duration will not be favoured.
**** Changes made to web browsers like Google Chrome etc have affected how streaming works. In order to remain compatible streaming servers have had to move up as well. This means various changes are necessary behind the scenes!! The web players should work as normal. However some links loaded by the speaker may be dead. All the best efforts are made to keep these upto date. It is suggested to reload the speaker and pick a new link that suits in your favorite player. Also a visit to Shoutcast, Icecast & Steamcast Directories is a sure fire way to make sure you are up to the minute with any new links. These directories do this automatically as soon as you list in them.****
Here's What We Are Playing:
Here's The Last Few "Different Versions" We've Given A Spin: