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Andy C's Underground Revolution - Friday & Saturday Nights 11Pm AEST

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Welcome to Format 3. The place where no song is safe. If it's been remixed, covered mashed up or changed in any way you will find it here. This is not the place for everyday Top 40. But if you are looking for something a little different you are in the right place!
The Rules to qualify for airplay on Format 3! A word to the younger generation!


A track must have been a Top 40 hit at some point (50's to now). If it's been Remixed, Covered or Mashed up in anyway you will hear it here (the redone version that is)! There's no limit to the genres you will hear! Everything from Abba to ZZ Top is fair game, even "The King" (Elvis) will get a look in if it passes the rules. We will also play DJ remixes or some alternative mix of all current tracks! Extended mixes are limited to 5-6 minutes as this is close to the limit for a Commercial Audience. A good remix that is too long will get the "Zero Boom Cha Edit" treatment or not be played! We are not a night club format service. Format 3 is not just old school revamped! You will hear current hits remixed as well. In order to remain commercial there is a high amount of old school classics in the playlist.



A word to the oldies & parents!

Site Under Construction - Please view with Hard Hat and HI VIZ vest on :)



This is NOT the place for "originals" it is suggested that you go back to our sister station for the classics!. Please keep an open mind to a new slant on an old track. You just might like it! Everything is G rated! However Party Mix can get a little heavy on the language late at night!